Philanthropic Travel in Morocco

Riad Zamzam cares about supporting the local community and operating in harmony with the rich culture of Morocco, supporting and not objectifying the people and places of this beautiful country.

We always take care to enjoy this beautiful culture with respect. The environment and unspoilt landscapes of Morocco are core to us at Zamzam Riad and our partner businesses. We are privileged to be surrounded by millions of miles of uninterrupted wilderness in Morocco and it is a pleasure to share these spectacular spaces with our guests.

The future of our planet hangs in balance so we are respectful to the people and the environment and do not pollute or disrupt the environment in which we operate our businesses.

The core value of our business is respect and honour for the dignity of all persons and species.

In Morocco we are slowly seeing an emergence of eco tourism and environmental education at a grass roots level. This is exciting and something we promote.

Morocco Retreats believe in respecting the local people and different tribal groups in Morocco. We support a number of charities and organisations:


Educating girls from remote places


Caring for animals in Morocco and educating and supporting local people who work with animals


Baby orphanage €“ if you have space in your case and can bring baby clothes, nappies, wet wipes and single sheets they are needed


Children’s orphanage €“ they need sheets and clothes


Keeping the Atlas clean

leave-no-trace-logoLeave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly

Morocco MulesMorocco Mules