Marrakech Cooking Class

Why not learn how to cook a classic Moroccan couscous or a tasty Moroccan tagine? Our traditional Moroccan cooking classes will show you how to create wonderful Moroccan dishes full of aroma and flavour.

Our Moroccan cooking classes at Zamzam Riad show you how to use the traditional Morocco method of cooking over hot coals with a Mukla.

The class begins with suggestions and a discussion on what you would like to cook before heading off to the local souks of the marrakech medina to buy our produce, fresh meat or fish.

Once back at the riad there is a short break while everything is washed and then the work begins. Our Moroccan chef directs you while you prepare your dishes and take notes on the Moroccan recipes.

The finale is a delicious Moroccan meal of your prepared dishes.

Our Moroccan cookery classes are suitable for all ages and is great thing to do for family bonding and lots of laughter. We can cater for anywhere between 1 and 14 people at a time. For larger groups the class is done with 2 people per station.


£ 50 each including a 2-course lunch starting at 9.30 a.m. 2-3 in a group
£ 55 each including a 3-course dinner starting at 4 p.m. 2-3 in a group
Please contact us to book your place.